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    Videodreh von Aniyokore

    Oktober 05, 2015 · Reportage · 0 comments

    aniYo kore - All Of Us (Official Music Video by Jann Holzapfel)




    aniYo kore

    "All Of Us" from the forthcoming album "Tally Sticks" (October 2015)

    Song written and recorded by aniYo kore
    Video directed, photographed and edited by Jann Holzapfel

    Ballet dancer: Ariane Otto
    Location: Rekorder in Dortmund

    We are so deeply thankful for this had come true! A life full of thanks to Jann, Ariane, Julia, Boogie, Taztical, Locke, Ptrck, Philipp, Schlakks, tOnbande & Rekorder and all who helped in assistance & support, we love it so much...

    Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming album release on aniyokore.com and facebook

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